Happy Endings Ep

by Analog Dive

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Keys 02:30
Verse 1: I wish this world was a better place, well guess what/ it makes us tough but were still dumb as fuck/ cuz we keep landing on our faces like we're drunk/ and don't exactly learn from getting back up/4 It's like we love the taste of ass fault/ I guess all you can say is take life with a grain of salt/ with shot of tequila and side slice of lime/ try and no get it in yer eyes, it happens sometimes/8 smile muh fuckah that's the best way to start yer day/ everydays a swell, go out and catch a wave/ peeling back like a tight skirt barley on her legs/ meeting her is like hawaii, land and get laid/12 throw a shakah in the air and let it sway like a lit/ zippo lighting up yer bud anticipating the lift/ stop trying to buy yer way to heaven right now is a gift/ it's called the present for a reason your heavens while you live/16 Chorus: Stop trying to live it right, Turn the Keys life, it's good to do a little wrong And Go, Go, Go/ standing with a stare like you burnt through yer last spare/ Stop standing there and GO Go Go/ Verse 2: Today the world ends lets do something craaazy/ fuck it, go for yes, and throw away the maybes/ You hold your stress like a treasure chest today let it go/ don't trip on where the wind takes you just float/ 4 land like a seed to a tree and grow a forest/ or bitch about what your giving and beg like the homeless/ issues? I got volumes one through twelve/ everybody's got problems you keep yours on the shelves/8 like books you don't read, man you need to open em up/ your going no where son if you don't learn from the fuck ups/ I admit, I don't always walk on life right/ Lost in a cave frantic searching for the night light/12 I got two thumbs up and a smile, can't complain/ Broke as fuck, barley over minimum wage/ The key to life?, bitch do you open your eyes shit you've been the locksmith the whole god damn time/16 Chorus: Stop trying to live it right, Turn the Keys life, it's good to do a little wrong And Go, Go, Go/ standing with a stare like you burnt through yer last spare/ Stop standing there and GO Go Go/
Tongue Slut 01:18
One kiss, one night, alright/ 10 beers 4 shots I aint walking right/ One girl, one thought, I wanna take her home/ Like the drinks in my gut, but that got left on the road/ How the fuck did I even step inside of this house/ How the fuck did her tongue get inside of my mouth/ worked late last night, worked early all day today/ rocking old spice, but smell like coffee stains/ Didn't shave, eyes sagging like your grandmas tittys/ rushed out the house, don't think this shirt even fits me/ But I was spitting game, she stepped in and played/ I played the queen right and uh check mate/ Hands weaving through each other like a lauhala hat/ skin sliding on each other like vinyl and slipmate/ In the hands of a drunken dj missing all the cues/ but it doesn't really matter cuz shes drunk too/ everything is easier when dressed in social lube/ I think I really like her, and I think she likes me too/ Making out like 2 medieval knights ready to Joust/ More teeth than tongue, I think I even spit one out/ I didn't wanna take her home, I wanna take it slow/ I got her number in my phone and watched her drive home/ Little did I know I got fucked by the make out slut/ I never saw her again she used me for my tongue/
Salt Water 01:57
*VERSE1 mistake maybe guilty when I touched those breast/ I know she had a man, I put the hormones to the test/ like a potters wheel my hands moved the body slow She played the studio engineer and raised the tempo/4 parking lot hook up sweat seeping out the car/ No blankets, she had a sunroof, were covered in the stars/ I thought she had a rum scented freshener in the car/ then remembered, she worked at the local dive bar/8 Her phone was blowing up, I don't think she didn't give a fuck/ fingers dug into my back, I thought the claws were stuck/ Kissed my lips right off, spit um on the dashboard/ toes in the ash tray pretending it's a sand floor/12 Her phone hit the floor, ringing for the 4th time/ Same ringtone, Atmosphere, sunshine/ and right before I place a piece of me inside of her/ my conscious smacks me in my face and the guilt starts to burn/16 CHORUS I can feel our breath, I can feel our breath/ I can feel our breath turning black/ I can feel our breath, I can feel our breath/ I can feel our breath turning black/ exchanging fake love, exchanging fake emotion/ when I open my eyes I'm swimming in a black ocean/ her flesh, her body is my sexual void that's filled/ I'm guilty as charged and too broke to pay the bill/ *CHORUS *VERSE 2 I pry my hands like the back of a hammer to a nail/ I couldn't pull away from her skin intentions running stale/ It felt like holding up a flower and letting it go/ in the wind Followed by my sin, throwing back a grin/ Ok its time to close and lock the door, I got the keys/ She grabs me by the right place, at the wrong time ya see/ she claims it's what she needs, she even says please/ licks and bites her lip as I give into the disease/8 I don't know if I want a cure, I think I'm sure/ it's crawling in my skin I kinda want the in-pure/ pelvis's moving like the salt water on the shore/ in Hawaii to the rhythm of a Beethoven score/12 I feel like a whore sharpening karmas teeth/ like they're butterfly knives and her lips are the sheath/ she wants to cleave though my sanity I can tell/ she wants me to bleed by the way that she breaths/16 *CHORUS *VERSE 3 And I feel like we broke up and weren't even in a relationship/ your hands are taken and feel like a vacant spaceship/4 floated on infinite asking myself, are we there yet/ impatient a bad case of attention Deficit/ You wanted something more and I just couldn't provide it/ So close but the tide wasn't high enough for diving/8 You were the perfect idea like mariscos and lime/ And thats why we're here now, back in the same line/ Common Alcohol holds the grip on our minds/ Hoping in the car like no worries on the DUI/ That's why we stop now before the breath turns black/ And even though you took that dance you still looked back/ Cuz You know the game we played, but smiled at me different/ I liked it a lot but pretended that I didn't/ it was good that you left well I know we're still friends/ but I still know how you look underneath that dress/ So I miss the touch And I miss the skin/ I miss being friends with benefits/


Another project for the lovely people that have been supporting us from day one. Happy Endings Ep has a more universal taste as far as musical interest goes. The idea behind the name is to be happy with whatever happens in life. Whether it’s good or bad you just have to smile at the outcome, which is exactly how the album art concept came about when collaborating with Nora Martin-Hall. With a mom holding up a mutated baby with tentacles, she’s oddly smiling. Hence forth shes Happy with what she has, Happy Endings. Be on the look out for possibly another free Ep or maybe or full length album “Rebuild The Moon”. Our next projects are being talked about right now, and we will be making some announces soon!
Much Aloha
(From, Analog Dive)


released January 27, 2012

Catalog: RisingSons Independent.0005
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Record Label: RisingSons Independent
2012 All rights reserved, Blake A. Borisoff & Kelii L. Behasa
Executive Producers: Blake A. Borisoff & Kelii L. Behasa
All Beats Produced & Mixed By: Kelii L. Behasa @ His House, Kailua Kona HI (Using Fruity Loops)
All Lyrics written and rapped by: Blake A. Borisoff except where indicated
Mixed & Mastered by: Blake A. Borisoff @ RisingSons Indie Home Studios, Los Angeles CA (Using Logic Pro)
Assistance Engineer: Alex McDonald & David

Guest Appearances By:
Besatree (Jon May) #3-Perfect Foam
Stevi Daft #6-Breathe Black

Original Cover Art By: Nora Martin-Hall

Presented By:
Suspend Magazine:
Wreckon Clothing-
RisingSons Independent- www.facebook.com/risingsonsindependent


all rights reserved



RisingSons Independent Los Angeles, California

RisingSons Independent (RSI) is a record label, promotion company, and a group of friends. Our goal is to share with you our hard work within the music and art that we love to create.

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